Sunday, January 3, 2010

Texas Caviar

We love Texas Caviar! I think most recipes are pretty similar! This is the recipe my husband grew up having. We've been making it for years. We made it on New Year's Day because word is, it's good to eat black-eyed peas for the new year! It's a delicious and healthy recipe for a yummy dip!


2 Cans of black eyed peas with jalapenos
1 Can original Rotel
2 Medium sized avocados
1 Large green bell pepper
1/2 Large purple onion
1 Lime
3/4 Cup Zesty Italian - We use Kraft's "Free"


Dice avocados, bell pepper & onion and put in large bowl. Cut lime in half and squeeze juice over avocados, bell pepper & onion. The lime is to give flavor and preserve the avocado. Place black eyed peas in strainer and rinse then, add to add to bowl. Poor can of Rotel in the bowl with it's juice. Finally, add the Zesty Italian. Mix with a large spoon. Don't stir too hard or much as the avocados could get smushy depending on the ripeness you buy.

If you try to eat the dip right away, the bell pepper and onion will be quite crunch. It is best if the bowl sits in the fridge and everything marinates for a while.

See our process....

We use a Nicer Dicer! It creates close to no mess and dices great!
I use my large Pyrex bowl so I can place right in fridge with lid once everything is mixed...
dicing with the Nicer Dicer
just finished with onions...
now bell peppers are finished...
onions, avocado & bell pepper in bowl. Now, squeeze on lime juice
rinsed black-eyed peas
all done!
We like ours with Tostitos Scoops!


xoxo ~ Megan


  1. This sounds SO yummy! I am saving this one :)

  2. This looks simple and delish! I am going to have to try it today, because I have family coming into town tonight.

  3. Saw you on blogher... great looking recipe! And your helper is pretty cute too! I will have to try this.


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